Recent Before & After Photos

Water in a basement in Carbon County

We had a customer with a ruptured water softener in a partially finished basement. During our mitigation, we removed carpet, wall paneling and basement door. On... READ MORE

Restoration needed in Carbon County.

This was a building in Carbon County that had water damage from a storm hit. The water was extracted and the restoration process was started right away. The dry... READ MORE

Cleaning up Soot - Before and After

The before and after soot removal in Carbon County. This soot was caused bt a fireplace in this house. This customer called us as soon as it happened. Soot remo... READ MORE

Before and After Basement

Basements are often flooded, especially with sump pumps, or storms. This was a flooded basement in Carbon County due to a ruptured water softener to a partially... READ MORE

Before and After- Bathroom

We consider sewage backup an emergency. It is important to keep in mind that a sewage backup can be dangerous as there are three categories of water. Once of th... READ MORE

Water in a Parking Garage

This storm caused flooding in Carbon County. This was a devastating sotrm and needed immediate service. We had our highly trained staff on site to start extract... READ MORE

Storms happen

This was a parking garage with water from a storm. Our team responded quickly to extract the water. We have highly trained storm specialists that can restore ho... READ MORE

Commercial spaces

This is a local store front that needed our restoration services. It had water damage and we were able to respond quickly and effectively for the owner. We rem... READ MORE

Kitchen in Carbon County

Imagine your kitchen catches on fire. Once the smoke clears, this customer called us to start the demolition and restoration process for a fire. Our team respon... READ MORE

Water Damage happens, SERVPRO can help!

In this home, there was water damage and drywall was removed and replaced. As you can see water affected the drywall. We had to remove, properly dry out and rep... READ MORE