Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A mark on the wall of a home in Carbon County.

Fires can cause damage to your home.

We responded to a house with fire damage. The first step, we took was to identify the source of the fire. Once identified, we removed carpet, drywall and insulation. The fire was due to a electrical source. 

Walls with soot on them with a SERVPRO worker holding a machine to clean the walls

Soot Removal

This basement had soot due to a dehumidifier that caught on fire. Our Production Manager, Brandon removed the soot by dry ice blasting the walls, ceilings and pipes.

Dry Ice Blasting is a non-destructive cleaning method using the solid form of carbon dioxide or dry ice.

Kitchen with Soot

Who you going to call...when you got soot on your wall!

This kitchen had a fire and left soot on the walls. When the fire occurred, we got to work! Demolition was immediately started and we restored the kitchen. Our team can help you!

Drywall removed after kitchen fire

Removal of Drywall!

There was a fire in this kitchen, we removed all personal belongings, drywall, appliances, etc. our team is on scene to begin partial demolition and the restoration! Fires are our specialty!

SERVPRO workers containing the affected area.

SERVPRO on the scene!

After a devastating house fire, our team is on scene to begin partial demolition and prepare for restoration!

Here you can see Brandon containing the effected area to protect the homeowner’s belongings from falling debris.

Two Servpro employees inspect a soot-covered kitchen.

House Fire Inspection

Here, our crew leaders inspect the damage caused by a house fire to determine the best course of action. Our team responded quickly and effectively to address this kitchen fire.